0. First blog post

I like the title “First Blog Post”. It really is my first blog post. Ever. Something I’ve always wanted to do, but never took the time to really get into. Well there you have it. My first blog post. I named the blog “A Female of Earth” because that is what I am, and it is my story you are going to read here. The evolution of my thoughts over the last few years, in the search for The Meaning of Life on Earth. It’s not a new topic, granted. But it’s what I like to write about. I’ll spare you the teenage years, they were my foundation of course, but we’ve all been through those. One way or another. My story as an adult is not the same as anyone else’s. No one has the same story as any one else. In that I am not unique. But I am unique in that I am unique. Confusing ? It’s only taken me almost 41 years to admit that. I am unique, but I am the same. In a unique way. So are you. So are we all. I chose to start the telling of my story with one very significant event. One that catalysed my search for answers, when I had thought I had figured everything out in my teenage years.. This search for answers has taken me down many pathways. Most of the time, when I thought I’d figured it all out finally, something happened to prove me wrong. Convictions crash, get replaced by other convictions. People and events cause you to re-evaluate everything. But that’s life ! Isn’t it ? That’s why we’re here.

I hope you find something in my words that resonates with you and helps take you down some evolutionary path. Please do not be offended at some of the things I say or describe. They were never actually written to be shared, they were just purgings of my soul. Purging clears up bad energies. Often my opinions change. (Only fools don’t change their minds, right ?) Take all these words with a pinch of salt. Take home only what makes sense to you.

Some of my writings are in the first person, and then sometimes, I write in the third person – to take a step back, see what it feels like to be someone else reading my story. This is an epistolary blog. I’ve recorded many messages sent to me over the years, to illustrate my story and bring it to life. Oh, and I have changed many real people’s names along the way. But I eventually decided not to invent a new name for myself. Other than that, everything you will read is set down as it happened.

So here goes. Enjoy. (If it’s your first time here, scroll down to the very bottom for the first entry, and follow chronologically)



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