Jerk @ both ends: Mozambique – Fly-fishing island style

Getaway Magazine Article By: Ari Bert 1 April 2003 The fly-fishing Jerk Ari Bert throws some pretty unusual lines off Inhaca Island, Mozambique, comes face to fly with some astonishing creatures . . . and asks some penetrating questions about this eccentric sport. Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies  “Why do you … Continue reading Jerk @ both ends: Mozambique – Fly-fishing island style


4. Fisherman overboard..

21st March 2004 Luca and Zoë take turns at night to sleep with me. Zoë said that I shouldn’t be lonely ! sometimes even during the night I have to swap them because the one not with me wakes up with nightmares…. I’ve been working on AAS this week, it has to be kept alive … Continue reading 4. Fisherman overboard..