0. First blog post

Introduction to my blog. The story of one female human's evolution on Earth. Unique but the same. Follow Gaëlle's adventures in life: sadness and elation, love and heart-break, family and friends, work and fun. And through it all, experience the search for Answers.


13. Out-patient

4th August 2004 Kensington assessment On Monday at 8:30, Ari was expected back at Kensington Hospital for a progress assessment. Leonard and I took him in the Prado – perhaps not the best idea, since it is very high to get into. Nevertheless, now that Ari actually assists by walking his feet along the ground, … Continue reading 13. Out-patient

Jerk @ both ends: Mozambique – Fly-fishing island style

Getaway Magazine Article By: Ari Bert 1 April 2003 The fly-fishing Jerk Ari Bert throws some pretty unusual lines off Inhaca Island, Mozambique, comes face to fly with some astonishing creatures . . . and asks some penetrating questions about this eccentric sport. Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies  “Why do you … Continue reading Jerk @ both ends: Mozambique – Fly-fishing island style